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How Not to Miss Someone? 4 Tips for Effective Coping Strategies

Do you miss someone who you can never see or meet again? I know it is the most challenging experience for anyone to go through.

Loss of Parents, close buddies, siblings passing away, broken marriages or relationships, and ruined family relations or friendships hurt a great deal. These people with major positive contributions in your life making a sudden emotional or physical exit is one of the most painful things in the world.

It is a heavy feeling that overwhelms and saddens you for years to come. So much so that it is hard to stop missing them. However, the good news is that this situation is universally relatable and has happened to most of us. So, there are many effective ways and coping methods to get through it.

This article will help you manage the loss of loved ones, romantic or otherwise.

Is it Possible to Stop Reminiscing About the People You Lose?

Is it Possible to Stop Reminiscing About the People You Lose

This section discusses the signs that you are still cherishing old memories of your favorite people who are long gone.

A 100 percent YES! It is definitely possible to stop thinking about the loved ones that go away from you. You must understand that it is the relationship that is over. The loss may be permanent and will always be a part of your life. However, it should not dictate how you go about your life.

Naturally, you cannot quit longing for someone right away. This switch is painful to execute. However, time heals everything. And with a little extra effort on your part, you can get over it gradually.

To shake off that feeling of constantly missing someone, you must understand the following signs.

When you are badly missing someone special in your life, you are swept off by a wave of intense emotions. Here are some of the signs:

  • An overwhelming feeling of emptiness
  • Difficulty in eating and sleeping
  • Difficulty in following your daily routine
  • Bittersweet thoughts about the person you are missing
  • A tendency to constantly go back to happy memories
  • Reduced productivity at work or home
  • You feel almost depressed
  • You tend to lose grip on reality due to denial and start stalking the person on social media (Commonly observed after a bad breakup)
  • Engagement in activities you previously shared with the person you lost
  • You are stuck in limbo and constantly feel like contacting them

4 Tips on How Not to Miss Someone

This section covers the effective coping methods to stop missing someone who is either dead or no longer a part of your life.

1. Stay Away From Social Media

Stay Away From Social Media

Social media helps in a lot of ways. However, it has its pros and cons, mostly cons. 🙂

The place is toxic for people who are trying to improve their emotional stability. It is great to feed on nostalgia. But if you are healing from a breakup, getting drawn to the current status of your ex can ruin your recovery. One emotion leads to another to set off a chain reaction of bad feelings.

So, I would suggest engaging in activities that positively distract you. Switch off the notifications and enjoy yourself more by going out with friends. This way, you will have new things on your plate to think about.

2. Take Out Some Quality Time for Yourself

Take Out Some Quality Time for Yourself

Do not let the lost person steal all the limelight and your mental peace. So, remember to prioritize self-care. Make sure you are exercising regularly, eating meals on time, and getting enough sleep.

The key is to stay physically fit and active to get rid of your emotional difficulties. You can also indulge in fun and calming activities such as visiting body and hair spas, art workshops, baking workshops, gardening, etc.

3. Get Help from Professionals

Get Help from Professionals

Mental health providers can help you work through these feelings of emptiness and loneliness. Broken hearts take time to heal. However, things can get much better if someone listens to you with empathy. So, take the help you deserve.

Mental health experts have the necessary tools to help you eventually stop missing your loved ones. Give it time, comply with all the instructions given, and be patient with the process. And you would realize, all is not lost yet.

4. Talk to your Close Friends

Talk to your Close Friends

Stay in touch with your best buddies and make sure they are aware of your feelings. Because repressed emotions can make things worse. Your close friends who truly understand you can help you weather this emotional storm. You do not have to do it all by yourself.

So, do not be ashamed of letting the emotions flow in front of the people you deeply trust. It is a massive lifeline!


Grief, just like joy, is inevitable, and you must embrace this fact. However, you must not necessarily suffer due to sadness or grief. The tumultuous roller-coaster of emotions can make it harder to overcome these challenging times of separation or loss.

According to Jamie Anderson: Grief, I’ve learned is really just love. It is all the love that you want to give. But you cannot, unfortunately. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes. And the lump in your throat as well as the hollow part of your chest. GRIEF IS JUST LOVE WITH NO PLACE TO GO!

So, the only way forward is to be grateful for the happy times we had with the ones we lost.

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