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iPrevail Therapy: In-Depth Review [Updated]

Do you find yourself more down in the dumps? Then you need to figure out what is happening to your mental or emotional level. Compassionate peer coaches at iPrevail can help you with complimentary advice and valuable insights to manage difficult emotions or situations relating to your mental health.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), about 44 million adults in the US suffer from different types of anxiety disorders, 2.5 million people are battling various panic disorders, and around 15.7 million individuals are affected by severe clinical depression.

Additionally, many such conditions need urgent diagnosis and attention. Illnesses such as stress, OCD, eating disorders, extreme grief or trauma, etc., can potentially interfere with daily lives, work, and personal relationships. And iPrevail Therapy is on a mission to tackle them in a holistic way through impactful psychotherapy.

Here is my comprehensive analysis of the platform.

About iPrevail Therapy

iPrevail Therapy by Prevail, with its innovative alternative to traditional mental healthcare, is a platform founded by Kirk H Knight in 2008. The company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, helps you gain uninterrupted 24×7 access to mental healthcare services online.

iPrevail invests a great deal in certified mentors and coaches, scientifically proven mental health assessments, free on-demand peer support as the first line of defense used as proven coping strategies, and several supportive awareness material, guides, resources, and modules.

The platform also offers unique mental health resources specifically for patients living in LA County. Moreover, iPrevail Therapy has been through a clinical trial in collaboration with Rush University Medical Center and has spent years researching, refining, and strengthening its online mental therapy/psychotherapy programs.

iPrevail Therapy Review: Updated 2023

iPrevail Therapy Review Updated 2023

In this section, I have covered all the relevant pointers and aspects you should read before signing up for iPrevail Therapy services. Read on to know more details.

1. How Does it Work?

iPrevail Therapy focuses on using CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for all its enrollees/patients. The community-based support offers the best kind of healing at times, which makes iPrevail different from most other virtual mental therapy platforms.

I was not a paid user initially when I signed up with the platform, and even then, I was given the option to create and set up my own dashboard.

The paid version lets me track my progress, helped me talk to other people going through similar mental health crises as I was, and to join community support groups dedicated to certain topics. All of this was consolidated into one place, making navigation much easier.

Enrollment Process

For a custom program, I was required to take a short assessment and choose a suitable program, either strictly chat-based talk therapy or a well-structured, customized program suited to my requirements.

I was then assigned a coach who was extensively trained to understand and empathize with my specific needs or mental condition. For me, this felt like a warm hug and is a wonderful feature because it gave me a chance to learn from and relate to someone who had already been in my shoes and walked a mile in them.

I thought that this was truly a one-of-a-kind experience made possible virtually and pulled off quite well by iPrevail Therapy. It significantly increased my confidence in proactively seeking help or reaching out to talk about mental health concerns that are often stigmatized in society.

Other Important Features

iPrevail Therapy also offered a wide range of healing self-guided exercises, activities, and lessons that helped me learn what exactly triggers specific thoughts and feelings, what influences behavioral or mood changes, how the brain functions or responds in order to develop coping mechanisms, and so on.

These resources formed a great foundation and a support system for me that kept me going, and they were purely based on the CBT approach of psychotherapy designed to address a wide variety of issues of psychological well-being.

Additionally, to help users find extra resources and make meaningful connections with others going through similar situations in their lives, iPrevail even hosts a variety of topic-specific mental health community support groups.

My Journey at iPrevail in a Nutshell

My Journey at iPrevail in a Nutshell

I was able to get started for free and create my own dashboard, as mentioned before, where I could easily monitor everything I signed up for as part of my mental health treatment.

My dashboard came with a dedicated space to add new lessons, approaches, resources, and topics. And I was in constant contact with my assigned lead coach, who checked in on my progress regularly along the way.

It is honestly pretty satisfying to see someone else organizing things for you, especially when it comes to your mental healthcare needs. This platform does that, and it is a relief for people who are too lazy to organize and sort their lives.

I also had access to my milestone-generating activities that kept me motivated throughout the journey by rewarding me with bonus points in $$$ as and when I completed different levels of key mental health-boosting tasks in my program. The best part is these points could be redeemed for gift cards and buying more paid resources on iPrevail.

Therapy, Updates, and Notifications

The free version of the dashboard offers both email reminders and text messages. Still, I was prompted to go for the paid service for full access to all the activities, support groups/communities, premium support, tools such as activity reports, and more.

Overall, the process is very simple, and I was really impressed with the anonymous trained peer coach chat feature who are past customers or users themselves, have gone through mental health enhancement programs, received training in peer support, and now want to improve the lives of other people currently in therapy while still benefiting on the professional front.

2. Pricing/Affordability


The monthly subscription cost of iPrevail Therapy is $14.99 USD which includes the following services:

  • Unlimited access to clinically tested and proven mental healthcare programs
  • Unlimited support by mentors, lead coaches, and other secondary coaches on your care team
  • Tailormade programs to align with your lifestyle and mental condition
  • 100 percent confidential one-on-one communication with a dedicated iPrevail Coach via chat
  • Interaction and effective outcome-based engagement with people struggling with similar problems in the support communities/groups
  • A $15 USD reward on Amazon for successfully completing the entire program, incentivizing you to keep going and not give up halfway through it

3. Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

I was not provided any insurance coverage as the platform does not accept insurance. It is quite affordably priced, and the subscription model has been working well for patients, just like most online mental therapy platforms in the industry.

4. Privacy

iPrevail assures HIPAA compliance and protection of patient data on its secure, encrypted servers so your identity remains 100 percent private.

However, the platform’s privacy policy also states that some of your information could be disclosed or revealed for various valid reasons, such as:

  • To customize your treatment plan
  • For internal administration
  • To understand customer behavior on the website (data analytics)
  • For key business operations
  • For sharing it with business associates who are mandated by a contract to not disclose your information outside business collaborations for personal gains

As long as the platform is not sharing personal records of patients with irrelevant third-party organizations such as social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., it is safe and trustworthy, in my opinion.

However, if you have more concerns, I would definitely suggest you read up on iPrevail Therapy’s comprehensive privacy policy.

5. Accessibility


iPrevail Therapy services are 100 percent virtual and are easily accessible across all states in the USA in English and Spanish. These are the two most popular languages spoken in the country.

The platform also has a handy app for its iOS users that account for around 1.36 billion users globally, with approximately 136 million living in the US. This is great in terms of reach, but in my view, for democratizing and universalizing access to psychotherapy worldwide, iPrevail also needs to expand its app usage by extending it to a huge base of 7.33 billion Android users.

Hopefully, it will be a part of the company’s future expansion plans.

6. Available Treatments

Here is the list of mental conditions treated at iPrevail Therapy:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Tackling grief and trauma
  • OCD
  • Dealing with Phobias
  • Stress relief
  • Panic attacks

No diagnosis or professional medication management is offered by iPrevail Therapy. It is more of a psychotherapy platform driven by self-guidance and coaching.

7. Pros and Cons


  • iPrevail Therapy services are available on an iOS app
  • Extremely informative, exhaustive, and easy-to-use website
  • Simple, free dashboard-based service
  • Dedicated talk therapy is paid but inexpensive
  • Peer support of successful patients is offered anonymously for effective, tried, and tested solutions
  • Many self-guided approaches, lessons, activities, and tools are available to support your psychotherapy journey
  • Multiple mental health assessments are available
  • Free mental healthcare services for LA County residents, with special offerings for both students and veterans 
  • Seamless access to active communities and groups
  • Your counseling is made more engaging with creative activities 
  • There is a progress tracker to help you get self-feedback and not miss key goals set by either you or your coach


  • The accessibility of Talkiatry services is restricted to only 43 states in the U.S.
  • Many users have reported clunky insurance processing and billing
  • You may be charged a cancellation fee even if your psychiatrist initiates it for some reason
  • You need to have insurance to use Talkiatry services
  • No home delivery of your prescription medication


Does iPrevail Therapy have an app?

Yes, iPrevail Therapy has an iOS app available on iOS iTunes Store. But no Android app has been developed for its Android users. Some review websites do claim that iPrevail has an Android app on Google Playstore. However, on verification, we found out that no such app exists on Playstore.

Are iPrevail Therapy services free?

No, it follows a premium model. You might be able to chat with your peer counselors for free in the initial phase, but complete access to all their mental healthcare resources, guides, lessons, activities, and holistic mentorship is a paid program.

What special features will LA County residents get?

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s collaboration with iPrevail Therapy makes iPrevail’s mental health services seamlessly available to all LA County residents free of charge. Even those who do not have a subscription would be eligible to access the entire spectrum of premium features for free at iPrevail.

Does iPrevail Therapy accept insurance?

No, the platform does not provide insurance coverage as it offers an inexpensive subscription plan of $14.99 USD per month.


iPrevail is a good platform for systematically addressing mental disorders that can be resolved by CBT-based talk therapy if you are willing to take the first step toward transforming your mental health. As I said, a little bit of self-motivation is needed to get started on this platform.

My only concern about the platform was not mentioning much about the qualifications of my mentors or counselors. Although it is a fresh concept in terms of approach, I would want certified or licensed mental healthcare providers to do the job for me. So, due diligence might be needed in this case if you are planning to enroll in iPrevail Therapy’s programs.

You can chat with your peer counselors, vent all of your problems to like-minded people, listen to the experiences of others who are just like you, or aid those who are in similar situations by sharing your own experiences; there are many ways to heal on this platform!

This method of recovering through self-driven mutual benefits based on pure empathy is quite unique and can help with long-term results.

Moreover, you can opt for the paid package for premium and personalized mental healthcare services if self-guided approaches alone do not work for you. iPrevail Therapy gives all the options for you to try out. So, I would surely recommend checking it out if your mental illnesses are not too severe or do not need any prescription/psychotic medications.

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